Business & Executive Coach 

Alida Niehaus

Why Work with ActionCOACH Alida Niehaus?

Alida Niehaus is a Business and Executive Coach with the World’s No. 1 Business Coaching Firm, ActionCOACH.  Alida was recently ranked in the top hundred Action coaches in the world.  These rankings are based on results and earnings and Alida’s success as a coach reflects her ability to create success and results for her clients.   Alida is a licensed action coach in Mpumalanga. In this role she leads a team of committed, positive and successful people who provide all aspects of business coaching, including mentoring and training services, to accelerate success through the transformation of business owners, business leaders and business teams.

 Alida’spassion is to help business owners have more profit, more time, more fun and ultimately more life to and to live a life of true abundance.

 Alida trains and educates you and your team, so that through implementation and accountability, your goals are realised.

Alida delivers the following results:

  • Achieve your business goals, thereby helping you achieve your personal goals and living a life of abundance.
  • Help you make more money with 282 different profit-building strategies to choose from.
  • Build winning teams who work towards a common goal.
  • Reduce the number of hours you work by teaching you to work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ the business.
  • Learn to run your businesses on systems, rather than relying exclusively on people.

Alida specialises in

  • Keeping you accountable to do what needs to get done
  • Push you out of your comfort zone into your wealth zone
  • Creative marketing that works!
  • Systems to maximize your time, energy, and efficiency
  • Finding your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Employee recruitment and retention
  • Developing an environment that you and your team will thrive in
  • Prioritizing the most important things in your life and business
  • Eliminating the non-productive tasks that consume your time.

Alida discovered her passion for Business Coaching first as an ActionCOACH client. She understands what it’s like to be a business owner with and without a coach.

The best athletes in the world have coaches to be the best.  To be the best, you need someone to see what you don’t, and to push you to do what you thought you couldn’t.

She is a sought after public speaker. Having spent many hours presenting business-building workshops to local business owners and teams, Alida is one of the top speakers and business educators in the Mpumalanga area.

Happily married to Chris, her husband of 9 years with whom she is raising two sons, Christiaan and Ruan and a Labrador daughter Amy, Alida is an avid reader of titles on mindset, business leadership and management, finance, wealth creation, biographies and economics. She plays golf and enjoys traveling, gourmet restaurants, scuba diving and camping