“Ek kan met groot vrymoedigheid vir Alida en die ActionCoach span aanbeveel. Dit is baie doeltreffend, selfs vir ‘n nie-winsgewende besigheid.”

Alza Rautenbach

“I have personally learned that nothing is impossible, all dreams & objectives can be achieved through proper planning & determination. In conclusion no dreams are too big to achieve. Were there’s a will & planning there is definitely a way!! Through my Coach Alida of ActionCoach I’ve learnt that not even the sky is the limit when it comes to my goals.”

Nkhensani Dhlamini

“I am a business owner and MD of our company with my Partners. But needed some focus and ways to keep everything on track. Thank you Alida for being such a great coach and special person helping us in growing our business.”

Quereshini Naidoo

“I have seen a 20% growth in business coming to the company and referrals since I have been with you, I finally see what is the true profit of what my company is making and how we are doing it. Now that you have joined us, I see exactly where I have lacked in the business and how you have helped me move my business forward.”

Shane Stockenstroom

“Alida, what I found the most outstanding characteristic of you as my ActionCOACH, is your ability to quickly identify the area where I needed the most coaching in. You did not waste my time with inappropriate teachings in areas where I already excelled, but you immediately focused my journey on the areas, which proofed to be the most valuable.”

Anton Kloppers