Diana Jansen – Physiotherapist

For years that ‘voice in my head’ that drives me to higher, better and more successful places, was my mom. “More detail, better answers, why this, why that.”

Now ‘that voice in my head’ is Coach Alida Niehaus… Driving me (and my business) to higher heights, more success, more detail and better quality… I don’t know if I should thank her or strangle her for all the extra work I need to do… I think strangle sounds satisfactory for now. And then offer a nice physio session afterwards…

Hendri Swanepoel – Swanne Group 

May I start by thanking you for being a great source of inspiration this year. I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for me and the Swanne Group. On a personal level I have improved and on a business level we have learned to love being an entrepraneur.

Thank you for being a soundboard to me and being that one person that I could relate to in so many ways. You have inspired my vision and broaden my values on many different levels. 

Shane Stockenstroom – Ristar Mpumalanga

Thank you Alida for working with me and my business. It has been a real eye opener and this is what I needed as before you came along I was going nowhere slowly and lived day by day working in the business and not on the business. Now that you have been with me for the past 6 months I now completely understand what I am supposed to do with the business, and where am I heading towards the future, it gives excitement again and a renewed energy to understand the figures of my business, the goal setting and how the company will get there.


I have seen a 20% growth in business coming to the company and referrals since I have been with you, I finally see what is the true profit of what my company is making and how we are doing it, my staff have also understood what and how they must work in the company under their department which has improved our operations tremendously and has given me the opportunity to fix any problems quickly before they get out of control.

I am so fortunate to have you as my coach as I started off as a technician and bought the company, having no formal experience in being trained on how to run a business, now that you have joined us, I see exactly where I have lacked in the business and how you have helped me move my business forward.

Anton Kloppers – ICA Office National & Tirisano Consulting Engineers

What an interesting journey you made me start on since you became my Action Coach seven months ago. Before that, I had a perception that there is no substitute for experience – especially when it comes to consulting engineering practices of which I was part of for more than thirty years. Now I know more about general business, marketing, strategic planning and procurement of the RIGHT people than I ever could have dreamed of before.

The time and money I spent on totally worthless activities like ad hoc adverts, unsuccessful procurement of staff, micro managing human resources is now a thing of the past. Not only did you coach me to be focused on the most important areas in my business, but as my ActionCOACH helped me to manage my time far better than before. And believe me when I tell you that I was one of the better time managers. I can testify that my own productivity increased by more than 30% due to your coaching.

Alida, what I found the most outstanding characteristic of you as my ActionCOACH, is your ability to quickly identify the area where I needed the most coaching in. You did not waste my time with inappropriate teachings in areas where I already excelled, but you immediately focused my journey on the areas which proofed to be the most valuable.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me and helping me to discover the fun of being the owner of a good business on its way to become a great business!

Willemien Badenhorst – Seeff

“ Everything we do is a result of choice” Baie dankie aan Alida wat my weereens bewus gemaak het daarvan! Jou Coaching is puik en ek kan reeds positiewe resultate in my eie lewe sowel as besigheid sien !!!Waardeer jou!! – Willemien Badenhorst

 Bella Perry  – New Clear Power

I did a Sales Rich workshop with Action Coach, Alida Niehaus, she is brilliant at what she does.  I left the workshop feeling motivated, enriched and empowered.  I highly recommend her coaching.

Phillippa Knox – ICA Office National

We are using Alida as the business coach for our company… had a session on Saturday – and let me tell you – I see big things for our company… she is very good.

 Carina De Jager – Middelburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We had our first team session with Alida yesterday.

We all had the ”ag moet ek regtig” attitude. But; it changed us. The way we think, and operate.  I can’t wait to see the 2 month, 3 month and 6 month goal/target results.

According to Alida’s testing, I am a C personality. Conscientiousness – lekker big word! That means I am accurate, diplomatic, systematic, conventional and courteous. This means – what I say is true.

This is profound.
This is life changing
This is challenging – even more than a difficult client or complicated contract.
This is going to change the way we think, work and do!

This is going to ensure less INPUT and more OUTPUT.

Try it.

See what she has to offer you.


Seminar Feedback

Alida can motivate and inspire – Cindy Nortje

Ek is in bemarking en die was ‘n baie goeie seminar – Chantel

There is a positive and optimism in the room all the time – Walter

Small changes ActionCoach showed us can make a very big difference in your business – Morne Verwey

Ek kyk nou met ander oë na ons besigheid, Dankie – Annetjie Vosloo

This is a good tool for all economically active people, especially business people and senior management – Sakumzi Bool

Sound Professional fun coaching that can really make a difference. Highly recommended – Ian Briggs

They gave me clarity on how to get to my goals – Gary Pieters

Presentation was great and not boring – Carlo Swart

Thank you for an interesting workshop, I really learned something – Claudia

Alida presenting the workshop was very nice and friendly – Martha

Goeie aanbieding – Jackie Smit

Learn to listen more than you speak – Emily

Dis nie die gewone boring workshop nie dis 100% die moeite werd en die energie van die coach en manier waarop boodskap oorgebring word is fantasties – Deidie

I enjoyed this training and don’t regret spending my day with Alida I have learned many things –Lillian Makua

I have been a student of business all my life but the material of Action Coach is brilliant and easy to implement – Hardus Vosloo

Excellent wake up call – Johan Van Rensburg

Baie goed aangebied, verstaanbaar en interessant – Marie

Wow it was great! – Letitia